How To Paint and Print Using Kitchen Supplies – Creative Art activity for Kids

How To Paint and Print Using Kitchen Supplies – Creative Art activity for Kids

Simple and Fun Activity for Kids – Painting and Printing with Kitchen Supplies:

I love to use everyday things in crafts and kid’s art projects.

This time we used ordinary kitchen supplies for painting and printing:

Empty mushroom basket


Potato musher

Rolled up tissue paper balls

Cookie Cutters

Plastic cups

How To Paint and Print Using Kitchen Supplies

Finding new things for this activity and discovering new ways to make interesting shapes was our favorite part. I am sure that you can find at home a lot of different materials to print and stamp with.
What you need for this project:

Ordinary every day supplies to print with

Colors (we used primary gouache colors)

Plastic or paper plates


My 3 year old daughter had a great time exploring all the possibilities of printing and stamping with different tools, making recognizable and amorphous shapes and combining colors.

I think that you can enjoy this activity with younger toddlers and older children as well.

You can easily turn it into a learning activity:

For example:

– Counting recognizable shapes on a paper: – how many stars on this paper?
– Talking with you kids about geometrical shapes – what tool you can use to make square?
– Learning about colors – by asking you kids to print red/ yellow/blue… circle
– With older kids you can talk about composition, structure, patterns, creativity and imagination; abstract and geometrical art.

This is what we made:


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