Watercolor magic – Art project for kids

DIY watercolor resist art project tutorial 2

This weekend I tried with my 5 year daughter watercolor resisting art – creating different shapes using candles or white wax crayons with watercolors. I learned this technic many years ago in art school. Back then we didn’t have crayons, so art teacher showed us how to draw with candle and then cover it with watercolors.  I think I was in a second or third grade and it was a really fun project, especially because you can’t see what you created until you apply the colors.

For this project I used:

  • Watercolor paper
  • White wax crayons (you can also use white candelas)
  • Watercolors (for smaller children you can use food colors)
  • Paint brushes
  • Water

I prepared in advance paper with heart shapes I drew with white crayons – so it seems like a blank page. I asked my daughter to cover the paper with watercolors. She was memorized seeing the heart shapes “magically” appeared on paper, while she was covering the page with colors. She truly believed it was a magical colors.   Even so I wanted her to keep this beautifully naive magical feeling, I showed her how this “magic” works so she can make her own drawings.

watercolor art project

watercolor resist art project tutorialwatercolor resist art project

My daughter was so fascinated with the process, she made a whole bunch of colorful pictures. Maybe I am not objective here, but I think her work is far more beautiful than the one I prepared for her.

I am absolutely shure you kids will enjoy this simple but yet fun colorful project.

DIY watercolor resist art tutorial


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